All Our Father's Relations Film

Two villages an ocean apart.
One family's journey of a lifetime.

AOFR Featured in Exhibit on Asian Diasporic Histories at UBC

Select photographs from All Our Fathers Relations were featured in a special exhibit presented by the University of British Columbia's Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Program

Asian students have been enrolled at UBC since it first held classes in 1915. As the university commemorates its centennial, ACAM has created an exhibit showcasing projects that celebrate Asian diasporic histories. During the month of May, It’s About Time: A Retrospective of Asian Presence at UBC, on display at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre offered visitors an opportunity to explore alternative histories involving Asian communities in and around campus.

In the display showcasing All Our Father’s Relations, viewers were invited to learn about the Grant family at Musqueam through a selection of childhood photographs of the Grant siblings and their parents. By watching the film trailer using headphones provided alongside the display case, they could also hear the voices of the Grants, now elders of their community, recalling their family history. Their recollections introduce viewers to their Musqueam mother and Chinese father, prompting us all to reflect on ongoing issues of colonialism and settlement as we engage with this exhibit on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional lands of the Musqueam people.